22nd May 2024


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power



Solutions for Making India Technologically Advanced

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Old Industrial Powers still ahead in foundational manufacturing

Very interesting and instructive tweet by Kamil Galeev, which explains that the military production factory Stankomash was rebuilt with large doses of equipment from the “old Industrial powers”, mainly Italy. Surprisingly, China was not a major participant. Two questions:

One small step for India, a giant leap towards sovereign compute capabilities

SITARA’s dream that more indigenous companies create sovereign AI and cloud infrastructure is a step closer to realisation with Ola’s move to create its own versatile AI chat application and cloud platform.

Shri Ayonam Ray/ SITARA / iSPIRT proposal for Sovereign Compute Stack

In September last year, iSPIRT and SITARA had proposed a Govt-led and public-private sector executed Sovereign Compute Stack as the corner stone of the esteemed Principal Scientific Advisor’s Deep Tech Policy.