21st January 2022


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power


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SITARA brings together eminent experts and distinguished personalities from industry, the science, technology & academic communities, the armed forces, the political arena, media, and civil services – to promote advanced, indigenous manufacturing and scientific capabilities as the key to development and meaningful national power. We dream of an advanced, strong, educated and green India.

From our inception, it has been our firm belief that only a High-tech Indigenous sector can propel India forward.

We had always been seeking an answer to the question – why after so many policies, plans and programs – India had not joined the ranks of advanced Nations, despite the fact that we had such enormous talent, a good industrial infrastructure and tremendous potential.

We ultimately hit upon the right answer – which was the lack of Technology and R&D intensity in our economy.

Just one high-tech sector job creates multipliers of the order of 6 to 20, and is a powerful job creating machine in the sectors that will help us keep a geopolitical edge in this century.

It also exerts a tremendous pull on the education system and forces it to upgrade.

That technology is the foundation of economic and therefore also of enduring geopolitical power, is borne out by first rate research by world famous and Nobel prize winning economists.

The world’s richest nations are also the most scientifically advanced: US, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea and now China.

Unique Do Tank with Several Firsts

The concept itself was born 10 years ago in 2010 at the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses and the High-Tech Defence Innovation Forum launched on Jul 14, 2011 (https://idsa.in/ForumonHiTechDefenceInnovation).

In fact our laser-like focus on technology led to our being the first Think Tank in our country to analyse and warn about the major geopolitical contest in this century – which is the US China Technological War. Other think tanks caught on much later.

We were also the only and the first ones to warn Government about the danger of Chinese control over our ICT networks, which Government and private sector telecom operators had generously handed over to Chinese companies.

This led to several measures to plug the security gap.

We were told by officials that we had lit the fire for procurement reforms in our country, which made us very happy.

Our tech focus also led us to focus on various flaws within the Indian economic ecosystem which led to our companies being marginalized, unable to invest in R&D and therefore powerless to give their best to the country.

This led to several reforms in the domestic procurement system.

We have already justified our existence as a Do Tank. We are not even receiving funding form anyone and yet our impact is arguably among the highest.

Because a strong innovation system has to be based on strong domestic companies

This is what everyone in the world has started to realise.

Even America has now reversed itself with the signing of the Buy America Act by President Biden, reversing the damage that the naysayers and neoliberals have wrought even on America’s enormous scientific and industrial capability.

Initially we started with defence innovation.

We had a receptive ear in some quarters, but the import lobbies are extremely strong in the defence sector, and progress has been very slow. However it has picked up momentum recently with the ban on 101 imports  and the huge Tejas LCA order placed recently.

But there is a very long way to go.

Our first successful campaign was in the telecommunications sector. We highlighted the enormous security implications of outsourcing our ICT networks to Chinese and other foreign companies, especially in the age of AI and 5G.

We have received no accolades or publicity, but we are happy at the progress achieved and that our message has been received and acted upon.

It is critical to have our own media channels of communication so this website is dedicated to informing the Indian public and authorities about the S&T scenario in India and the world and the measures we need to take to catch up with advanced nation.

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