22nd May 2024


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Playing Whack-a-mole: Further violations of Atmanirbharta Directive to favour FOEM vs world-class Indian Company

Life is like a cactus, every time we turn around, we get stung by yet another thorn. Life in India is also all about playing Whackamole, every time we swat down one violation, another pops up. This time the tender violations are so blatant we wonder why the authorities have not answered the complainant at all. NMSWorks is an Indian headquartered Indian company owning IPR that would do every Indian proud.

Why don’t our authorities burst with pride when they see world-class Indian companies, instead of bending the rules to favour foreign companies? And that too for defense networks? We have by word of mouth heard that several baboos / unidentified people even within sensitive bureaucracies send out instructions to procurement entities – DO NOT BUY INDIAN EQUIPMENT. Frankly, this makes us weep. We hope one day people will gather up courage and expose this behaviour, which jeopardises India’s National Security. We have just read through China’s Cybersecurity laws, not a single foreign company can get past their multiple approval processes, which we shall soon short-list, and hence of course China is secure behind its firewalls.

We have therefore again written to PMO, where we have been assured Atmanirbharta is taken seriously.

This concerns the defense of the nation. We cannot fall short.

Note: while the attached photo is about Chinese cyberattacks, we should not be lulled into complacency only after removing Chinese products. ALL FOREIGN CYBERSECURITY PRODUCTS CARRY VULNERABILITIES.

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