21st January 2022


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power

Mission & Vision

SITARA dreams of building an advanced and prosperous India, which believes in the power of Science & Technology to deliver a better future for its citizens.

SITARA aims to do this by creating a high-tech, R & D intensive economy which will enable India to meet its requirements for advanced equipment in large sectors of the economy. This will help:

Lower India’s import dependence in military, aerospace, ICT, cyberspace, and other import intensive sectors  technologies

Capture maximum value addition in advanced manufacturing and cyberspace

Ensure India’s talented citizens contribute to development at home

Massively propel high quality, environmentally responsible economic growth

Exert a demand pull on the education and skilling system

Increase employment opportunities

Reduce the C.A.D. & strengthen the rupee

Improve national welfare

The current geopolitical scenario is dangerous for India

A certain Power has mastered the most advanced technologies of our era, and is deploying them for increased geopolitical power, mass surveillance and suppression of liberties. We have also suffered an attack on our borders.

When most of the world is turning towards techno-nationalist industrial policies, it is high time for India to emerge out of its reflexive assimilation of outdated globalisation orthodoxies and chart its own path to development and globalisation to set its path to high growth. This will ultimately benefit the global economy also.

India has to at least match the technological achievements of our big neighbour to be able to survive as an independent, self reliant entity not beholden to other powers for its defence and high-tech requirements.