22nd May 2024


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power

Countering India’s Dependence on Chinese Telecom

SITARA and the Institute of Chinese Studies are organising a joint webinar on the National Security threat posed by Chinese control of India’s telecommunications networks and what has and can be done to promote greater Indian technological self-reliance in information and communications technologies (ICT). Information and Communications Technologies underlie every aspect of national existence and it is critically important to ensure the security of our networks.

The seminar will feature a few key industry representatives who are leading the indigenisation agenda by investing in boosting domestic high-tech capabilities in ICTs. Remember, all technological progress in the future will depend on mastery of core ICT technologies.

While our challenge was to have predatory Chinese companies removed, which we have yet to fully achieve, the primary goal is to have our companies take the lead in the building a truly indigenous ICT ecosystem. We do not wish to exchange one slavery for another.

Please do register at the link provided on the ICS website.

We are thankful to ICS and Ambassador Ashok Kantha for recognising the importance of this issue for National and Economic Secuirty.

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