22nd May 2024


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SITARA and the country have lost Shri Rajiv Mahajan, Snr VP, Tejas Networks, to Covid

It is our sad and awful responsibility to share the news of our beloved Shri Rajiv Mahajan’s untimely passing from Covid after a month of struggle in the ICU. It is extremely difficult to absorb this news. SITARA cannot express the full extent of its collective grief and shock.

Shri Rajiv Mahajan had been working to promote the cause of domestic production for years. He was extremely hard-working, very knowledgeable and wholly omitted to the cause. He just gave a first-rate presentation at the ICS-SITATA seminar on Telecommunications. He didn’t restrict his advocacy to his company, he fought on principle for the rejuvenation of our country. Sometimes, in his quiet and humorous way, he would wonder wistfully why it was not in our DNA to support domestic capabilities.

He must have picked the infection up in the course of work.  He went several times weekly to DoT to fight for indigenisation, for the cause of domestic companies and for the national cause. He had just got the first dose of the vaccine, but the infection struck before he could get fully immunised.

He shared as much information as he could with SITARA. We can say SITARA would not have reached where we have without him.  SITARA owes him a huge debt. We prayed and prayed he would recover and inquired frequently about him. As time went on hope started sinking, but we drove those thoughts away.

He is irreplaceable and we in SITARA must honour his memory and take his work and vision forward to take this country where he envisioned it. SITARA will miss him deeply and it will be difficult to reconcile to our loss.

We appeal to our leaders and Ministries, let his untimely passing not be in vain. It is the only way to honour his legacy, and he tried so hard in his short but dedicated and productive life to take India into the ranks of high-tech, developed, prosperous and happy nations.

We extend our deepest condolences to his Family, Shri Sanjay Nayak, CEO, Tejas Networks, Shri Prashant Jain, the Tejas Networks team, and to our own country for losing a Patriot like Shri Mahajan. Their loss is much greater than SITARA’s and we extend our hand in solidarity with their pain.

Shri Mahajan’s children have every reason to be very proud of their Father. They followed in his footsteps, he proudly told us. He himself returned from the US to promote domestic industry. he could have stayed in the US. His Son has completed MS from a US University and is working now. His daughter is also an Engineer and is working in Bangalore. Deepest condolences to them and Mrs Mahajan.

Messages from Defense Secretary and National Cybersecurity Coordinator

I am saddened beyond words. Have had several occasions to interact with Rajiv Mahajan and every time I met him he was always smiling. Extremely polite and courteous to the hilt. His smiling face doesnt leave my mind as I think about him.

My deepest condolences to all his family and friends. Another Covid scar which will be difficult to heal. Dr Ajay Kumar, Defence Secretary

His smiling face is still in front of me….we had been having such professional discussions with him the past few months and it is certainly a  big loss to the telecom community. Very sad news….Om Shanti ! Dr Rajesh Pant, National Cybersecurity Coordinator

Deepest condolences to his family and all who knew him.  The best way to honour his memory is to take his work and vision forward. Amb. Deepa Wadhwa

A great loss to the nation, deepest condolences ! Shri Ashok Rajput, MoP

My heartfelt condolences to his family and to you. May his soul RIP and lets try and carry on the good work of Shri Rajiv Mahajan. Brig. Deepak Das

It’s really a sad day. Rajiv was a champion in representing Indian industry view in meetings. Was very meticulous and would come prepared with data to supporting his observations and comments. Personally I miss interaction and learning, I am sure Industry will miss his leadership, it is a great loss.  Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues at Tejas. Shri T.S. Ramu, Lekha Wireless

Very sorry to learn about sad demise of Shri Rajiv Mahajan. Please convey our heartfelt condolences. May God grant peace to his soul and give strength to his family to bear the loss. 
In grief. Shri Nalin Kohli, CII

Saddened to hear this. We worked closely with him just 2 months ago as Sitara.
My heartfelt condolences to his family, Tejas Networks and Sitara.  Smt. V. Charulatha, L&T

Very sad news – have interacted with him on numerous occasions. May his soul rest in peace. Shri Sailesh Chopra, HCL

Covid has taken away several of us, but to SITARA and TEMA, the loss of Rajiv Mahajan is truly tragic. I am not able to reconcile that he has left me. We used to discuss, strategies on almost all issues. No meeting of TEMA TEPC (and SITARA) was held without his active intervention. His views on domestic production and china role are very intense and passionate. The articles, papers written by him serve as Gita and Bible for us. Yes he suffered but was in hospital, so we were hoping all well. He was on 100% ventilator for some time but during last ¾ days he recovered and for one day on 30% self support. Each one of us will miss, but I maximum. He and me were really close buddy. It is a loss, which words cannot explain. Nothing we can do except to pray for peace to his soul. Prof N.K. Goyal, TEMA

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