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Great Video from China Observer on the pitfalls of 5G

June 14, 2021. Here is a must watch China Observer video for our decision makers (pix taken from Video).

Here is a summary of the contents of the video, which was shared by Shri PVG Menon, former President IESA and a SITARA Expert.

As for consumers, the price of 5G packages is too high, while quality remains patchy due to the nature of the technology (is easily obstructed etc). Strangely the effect of higher frequencies on human bodies and fauna has not been mentioned.

China is making exaggerated claims regarding 5G deployment, disguising minor 4G upgrades and 4G packages as 5G, in some cases deliberately decreasing the speed of 4G and forcing many to buy 5G plans. Many subscribers actually still have 4G packages even though they are shown as 5G subscribers.

Also, apparently the millimetre wave technology has not yet been commercialised.

Base station construction costs are very high, necessitating investment in 100s of billions of dollars, even as telecom providers have not recovered from their investments in 4G. maintenance wise, the new technology also consumes huge amounts of electricity, more than 3 times 4G. Such high costs have forced operators to shut down base stations, and if all base stations were to be constructed electricity costs alone will be many times operators’ profits. It could bankrupt the 3 major China operators – China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile.

No wonder Indian operators are not jumping through their hoops to bid for 5G spectrum. It seems the 4G spectrum has not been fully utilised as yet, but we will leave experts to confirm this.

Meanwhile, the West is moving on with the 6G Next G Alliance to which China has not been invited.

Indian companies must join this Alliance. Shri Rajeev Sawhney, Executive Chairman, Board of Directors at OXSIGHT Limited Chairman, Zokyo Ltd, and SITARA member said “ Why doesnt India look at 10 G, 100G, why not leap-frog instead of following blindly in other people’s footsteps?”

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