21st January 2022


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power

Lack of R&D incentives for Domestic Companies in Telecom PLI

SITARA has written to the Principal Secretary to PM, drawing his kind attention to the lack of adequate R&D incentives in the Telecom PLI, and suggesting an Addendum to right the balance. Our earlier letter on the subject is also uploaded here.

Without indigenous technology, and that too ICTs, where all the 21st Century’s technological progress is taking place, India cannot hope to compete with powerful countries like China, which is rapidly intruding into our territory with the aim of capturing our dwindling fresh water resources. Their military capabilities will soon reach another level of lethality –Intelligentisation – which even has the Americans worried. We will document the American Whole-of Govt approach to tackling the China technological challenge as soon as we get a little time.