12th June 2024


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Nilesh Dhande

Venture Partner in Fortytwo Labs LLC

Nilesh has more than 18+ years of experience in information technology and education Industry. He is passionate about taking ideas to life and growing them in the form of product or services by providing or guiding towards right sustenance. He strongly believes that India will emerge as dominant player in technology innovation in near future.

Fortytwo Labs LLC (Venture Partner)

The journey at Forty-two labs is exciting the in line with his passion. He is responsible for setting up and managing cluster of more than 100+ labs across nation with an objective to create vibrant innovation ecosystems which will produce valuable intellectual property and entrepreneurs contributing to nations wealth in significant manner.

Kyoshi Education Pvt. Ltd. (Chief Operations Officer)

Kyoshi education is subsidiary of a fortune 500 Japanese firm Japanese Institute of Educational Measurement. Nilesh helped JIEM setup their India operations which included the setup of new product for Indian market, setting up marketing and distribution channel, IT systems and operational work flows. In just 12 months from starting the operations company was able to acquire more than 200K users.

Uniken Inc (Founder and Head Customer Engagement)

Nilesh found Uniken Inc along-with his partners. Uniken created a path breaking and patented technology known REL-ID which is being used by fortune 500 companies include large public, private sector banks and various defense establishments. Nilesh also was responsible for various project deliveries at Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines and various US airline companies.

Deeksha Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Founder and Managing Partner)

Deeksha system focused on being one stop solution for educational institutes and provided solutions like enterprise ERP, elearning content management, assessment solutions, elearning content development etc.

Infosys Technologies Ltd. (Systems Analyst)

Nilesh was part of mobile innovation team called as MOBIS, the team had mandate to develop innovative solutions in mobile space for European market. Nilesh was instrumental in developing and implementing solutions like multichannel email and pocket assistant which won Infosys chairman innovation award. He also helped delivered complete provisioning system to a large telecom giant TELNET in Belgium.

Nilesh is Masters in Business Administration in Information Systems Management from Pune University before completing Bachelor of Engineering in Product Engineering and Bachelor of Economics from Amravati University.