22nd May 2024


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power

P.M. Heblikar

Shri PM Heblikar retired as Special Secretary, Government of India in September 2010 after over 38 years of service. He specialized in insurgency and counter-insurgency developments in India’s northeast region and in its neighborhood. He held several important and sensitive posts in the central government dealing with external security related issues. He is now writing for security and defense related journals and leading newspapers and magazines.

He is currently setting up a Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security (CoE) in Bangalore to provide training in cybersecurity to government and private sector entities and leverage domestic software and hardware to create a national template of deterrence and knowledge.

He is currently Managing Trustee, Institute of Contemporary Studies Bangalore (ICSB) – a not for profit think tank specializing in security and strategic affairs. In Dec 2011, he and two other like-minded individuals started a high end next generation security consultancy company in Bangalore to help bring new synergies to the world of private security and protection and expand India’s strategic footprint.

Mr. Heblikar was decorated by the Government of India for Distinguished and Meritorious Service respectively. He was educated in Bangalore.  He plays golf and badminton for relaxation.