20th July 2024


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power

Raj Venkat

Vangapandu Venkatanagaraju, a young serial entrepreneur is active in the fields of Aerospace, Automobile, Mechanical and Information Technology.  During his bachelors and master’s studies at

RWTH Aachen University, Germany, he worked on complex projects in ISRO – Sriharikota rocket launching station, India and supersonics and hypersonics department at German Aerospace Centre, Germany – like optimising the acoustic noise at launch pad during space craft launch, Rocket cone aerodynamics analysis, Mars capsule base flow analysis. He is now holding responsibility as Director in 4 different international companies located in Germany, Finland, Netherlands and India.  Being an entrepreneur and observing the technology lack in the Indian SME sector, he took the initiative India for upgrading the technology from university level itself in the field of research and innovation by founding the Indo-Euro Synchronization / German Center for Advanced Studies. He joined hands with world renowned research centers and took an initial step in the field of Industrial automation. Currently he is establishing industrial automation labs at Indian academic sectors with the cooperation of APS GmbH-European Center for Mechatronics along with various Academic/Research activities to support India. Recently he has taken one more responsibility as President – European Center for Mechatronics-Germany, through this he will be able to support Indian students in a better way towards their academic and career perspective in international level.

He is from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. Being a technology enthusiast, he always used to be in search of technology and opportunities across the world since his childhood. In this process, he has been to several countries and currently he is residing in Germany since the last 5 years.