24th April 2024


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power

Ramu T S

Ramu T S is an entrepreneur with experience of about 24 years in wired and wireless communication technology and product development. He along with Amarnadha Reddy Co-Founded Lekha Wireless solutions in year 2010. Lekha Wireless is an Indian technology company developing 4G, 5G and special waveforms for Software Defined Radios (SDR). The company has a vision to solve wireless communication challenges in the area of telecom, industrial IoT networks and defense communication with indigenous hardware and software design. Lekha’s SDRs are today integrated with multiple large defense systems, where they are solving unique communication challenges.

Lekha brings a unique proposition of a completely indigenous 4G technology, built grounds up in India. The Lekha’s LTE product named “Vyapi” employs the indigenously developed software stacks and hardware design addressing multiple use cases for tactical communication requirements.

Lekha is proud to be a design company manufacturing and exporting SDRs with the help of the local manufacturing ecosystem.

Ramu has experience working on the following telecom technologies:

  • 5GNR (New Radio)
  • LTE (wireless access using OFDMA)
  • WiMAX (wireless access using OFDMA),
  • CDMA based proprietary links
  • ADSL/DMT modems (G.992 ITU-T spec).
  • dial-up modems (data and fax) as well on modem protocols and algorithms for telephony applications.

He has experience of leading teams in developing multiple products starting from idea to prototype, then to production and deployment. At present he is responsible for go to market strategies for the 4G and 5G products to telecom verticals.  He is a firm believer that simplicity in design and constant innovation are key for building carrier grade networks.

He has done his Bachelor of Engineering from Siddaganga Institute of Technology Tumkuru, affiliated to Bangalore University.