22nd May 2024


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power

Ravin Vyas

Shri Ravin Vyas, Director of Avbodh Knowledge Foundation Ltd., is a person of multiple talents. His 26 years of vast experience in the field of education, collaboration and business development in as many as seven dominant industries brings in substantial advantage.

He started the professional career in the field of display marketing while pursuing his degree in Master of Business Administration from De Paul University, Chicago in the year 1991. In the following three years, he trained more than 70 young salesmen for display marketing in the Midwest region of the United States.

After coming back to India, Mr. Vyas commanded and expanded his family business. From textile chemicals to paint and coatings, from software solutions to digital media, and from education to rural empowerment; Mr. Vyas has displayed passionate energies into each area and has earned commendable accomplishments. Connecting the Indian Armed Forces with Industry and Academia is the mandate Mr. Vyas has been working on ever since the Make in India program has been launched.

Mr. Vyas is also a practioner of RashtraYog – a decipline of ancient Indian wisdom which focuses on identifying and mentoring those individuals who are willing to prioritize national interest over their personal ones and lead their lives accordingly. He has been practicing and encouraging people to “spend one day per week for nation building” since last 10 years. Offering the best of technologies to the Indian Armed Forces is a mission Mr. Vyas has taken up.


Ravin Vyas

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“If three out of hundred people prefer to prioritise their efforts for nation building, that country can become and remain one of the most powerful and respected countries of the world.”