22nd May 2024


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power

Sanjay Deshpande

Sanjay Deshpande

Managing Partner and Chief Scientist at FortyTwo Labs LLP

Fellow at iSPIRT Foundation

Member Steering Committee (National Cybersecurity Policy) at NASSCOM Advisor to Andhra Pradesh Cyber Security Policy Committee

Sanjay has more than 20+ years of experience in building innovative technologies and business solutions to problems that impact human lives. He is a serial entrepreneur & innovator in Hi-Tech & Cybersecurity space and is an advisor & mentor to many Indian startups & private/public strategic Initiatives in cybersecurity.

He is a strong advocate of the idea that India has to become a strategic global Innovation hub to pioneer breakthrough fundamental research with focus on solving problems that have massive impact on the digital society with specific emphasis on building a vibrant sustainable ecosystem for innovators without compromising on core value and ethics. He has been actively advocating and promoting the Indo-Israel corridor for collaboration in research & entrepreneurship. He has been actively working towards creating an Innovation ecosystem for developing indigenous deep tech innovations in joint collaboration with the Indian defense organizations like WESEE (R&D Unit of Navy under MoD, Govt. of India.)

Fortytwo Labs is an innovation lab based out of Pune, Vizag and Tel Aviv, it specializes developing technologies in Cyber Security, FINTECH and Embedded Systems. The lab is currently investing in next generation cryptographic digital identity technologies, non-PKI based electronic signatures protocols, Private Internet, Secure Computing and Storage Devices and applications of artificial intelligence in behavior modeling.

Prior to setting up FortyTwo Labs, Sanjay co-invented REL-ID technology and started Uniken; a company that he Co-Founded and was the CEO & Chief Scientist for more than 7 years. The platform has 6+ million users across BFSI & Defense industry. Sanjay has led Infosys’ mobile computing initiative in Europe and was responsible for business development for life sciences vertical in US. He has worked at Tata Research Center as a scientist in the image processing and pattern recognition group and as a research associate for C-DAC (Center for development of advanced computing – who built India’s first super computer PARAM.)

Sanjay holds an M.S. in Computer Science from University of New Brunswick, Canada and a B.E. in Computer Science from VJTI Mumbai. He has several scientific publications and multiple US patents in pattern recognition and cyber security. Being a passionate teacher, he is invited as visiting faculty to deliver lectures on computer science, cybersecurity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in many Indian Institutions. He frequently speaks at Cybersecurity events in India and globally.

Contact: Swaminathan Iyer | +91 982 334 8880 | swaminathan.iyer@fortytwo42.in | www.fortytwolabs.com