24th April 2024


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power

Vijay Nambiar

Ambassador Vijay Nambiar is one of India’s finest diplomats and currently serves as the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Myanmar. He was Chief of Staff under the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (January 2007 – February 2012). He was Under Secretary General of the United Nations.

Mr. Nambiar previously served as Deputy National Security Advisor to the Government of India and Head of the National Security Council Secretariat. He served as India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York (May 2002-June 2004); as Ambassador of India to Pakistan (2000-2001), China (1996-2000), Malaysia (1993-1996), Afghanistan (1990-1992), and Algeria (1985-1988).

He was Joint Secretary (Director General) handling East Asia in 1988 during the period of the historic visit of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to China. He also dealt with multilateral affairs in MEA during the early 1980s. He was involved at the delegation level in numerous UN and non-aligned summit and ministerial conferences since 1979.

Mr. Nambiar joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1967 and specialized in Chinese.

He holds a post-graduate degree in political science from Bombay University and was awarded the Chancellor’s Gold Medal of the University in 1965.