22nd May 2024


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power

Zorawar Daulet Singh

Zorawar Daulet Singh is a historian and strategist based in New Delhi. He is a founder of the Northcap University, a State Private University located in Gurugram and is an adjunct fellow with the Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi. For the past decade, he has been a regular and original commentator and columnist on India’s foreign policy and has addressed leading training institutions in India including the National Defence College, Defence Services Staff College Wellington, and the Foreign Service Institute.

His recent books include Powershift: India–China Relations in a Multipolar World, Power and Diplomacy: India’s Foreign Policies During the Cold War; India–China Relations: The Border Issue and Beyond and Chasing the Dragon: Will India Catch up with China? Daulet Singh holds a PhD in international relations from King’s College London, and an MA in international relations from the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University.

Website: https://www.zorawardauletsingh.com