22nd May 2024


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power

Letter to NSCS cautioning over ceding ownership control of NE Power Projects to HK/Chinese companies

SITARA has written to Dr. Pant, National Cybersecurity Coordinator of India and other Government authorities detailing the consequences of allowing HK/ Chinese ownership of power projects in States bordering China.

SITARA has also underlined the need for an Indian equivalent of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US, recently strengthened by FIRRMA– the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernisation Act, which is subsumed firmly under Title XVII of a National Security text – the National Defence Authorisation Act 2019, a text that should be required reading for everyone in charge of defence and security matters in India. The NDAA provides a comprehensive blueprint how to meet the Chinese technological, economic and military challenge.

Of especial note is the fact that technological and economic security is considered integral to National Security. This kind of thinking is missing among Indian neoliberals and has caused enough damage to India’s National Security and economic foundations.

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