22nd May 2024


India’s First Do Tank linking Tech and Geopolitical Power

Welcome developments in the SITARA Universe

April 4, 2022: SITARA’s extremely distinguished members, who should be recognised as the true Nation-Builders of this country, have been in the news, reviving hopes for India’s high-tech future. Considering a Nobel prize-winning Economist has attributed 90% of America’s growth to technological progress, the reasons for India remaining backward are pretty clear. SITARA’s dynamic, hard-working and patient members are contributing to change that scenario and succeed despite an ecosystem in which the importance of R&D to national viability is not yet fully recognised.

First there was the block-buster news last year that the Tatas had taken over Tejas Networks, a company that excels in telecom equipment in India and abroad. Warm kudos to Tatas, not a SITARA member, for recognising the potential of this plucky company! And a few days ago, Tejas Networks announced a takeover of Saankhya Labs, India’s first world-class fabless semiconductor solutions company.

These formidable mergers position the new entity favorably in the telecom and semiconductor sphere. Bear in mind that around half of America’s semiconductor design talent comes from India. Encouraging such companies in India will help stem the brain-drain and retain hundreds of billions of dollars in our country as the fruits of Intellectual Property are reaped in the domestic economy and not exported abroad.

Big Bang Boom Solutions, winner of two iDEX challenges floated by MOD, coupled with a minimum order quantity and export licence, both critical to a start-up’s success, could make it as India’s first defence unicorn. Given the talent and dedication of its founders, SITARA sincerely hopes BBBS succeed. Far too many high-tech start-ups immediately incorporate abroad. BBBS has stuck it out and stayed Indian, and stayed in India!

Last but not least, is our FortyTwo Labs (remember the Answer to Everything?), India’s top-class cybersecurity provider, whose products feature in some of our most sensitive networks. With India’s cybersecurity infrastructure still deeply penetrated by foreign equipment, it is absolutely critical that our own companies be encouraged to secure the county from external attack. The importance of cybersecurity has been immensely enhanced after witnessing how information networks and financial and trade flows can be weaponised. Forty Two Labs is a trail-blazer in having developed quantum-safe products and is contributing to a safer and more secure India.

What all these companies have in common is SITARA membership. SITARA, which is essentially a network run by volunteers, has stood by these companies steadfastly over the years and helped promote an ecosystem which values their contribution. We hope to see greater uptake of domestic products by the Government and private sector, given these developments.

SITARA congratulates its distinguished members and looks forward to even greater progress in achieving the goal of an advanced India, which can only be built if our high-tech companies are encouraged to Stay Indian and “Stay in India“, a movement spear-headed by our sister organisation iSPIRT!

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