22nd May 2024


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Impact of Climate Change on India and What Can be Done

April 18, 2022. Although SITARA’s focus is on upgrading the Indian economy, it would be literally fatal to ignore the looming climate crisis over India’s horizon.

India is bearing / will bear the cost of global warming disproportionately, having contributed only 3.2% of cumulative emissions. But the 0.62°C temperature local increase over the last 100 years vs over 1°C globally is already having a devastating impact on India’s ecology. The report praises India’s mitigation actions, but one of the surest ways to mitigate the crisis locally would be to launch a massive, effective reforestation program. The investment in watering and maintaining those saplings would pay for itself many times over. Political parties should join hands across India and focus on this.
Of course that is not enough if the profligate “West” continues its wasteful ways. Globally, NATO and Russia should forge an early peace and tackle climate change, the war will only worsen the impact. As one source said “The amount by which Germany has increased its defense budget in one fell swoop is greater than the paltry climate financing that the Global South had been promised years ago by the Global North, but has yet to be delivered. The developments of the last few weeks show how easily money is available for more killing machines, and how difficult it is to protect life on Earth. Those priorities have to change. The fate of humankind depends on it.”

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