22nd May 2024


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Govt mandates domestic core as eligibility criteria for 4G tender – a tribute to Shri Rajiv Mahajan

After the irremediable loss of one of domestic Telecom Industry’s foremost champions, we have glimpses of a silver lining on the horizon. BSNL has made it mandatory to have an indigenous core for the 4G roll out. We thank Govt, DOT and BSNL for paying a fitting tribute to Shri Rajiv Mahajan’s memory. We hope this will be carried to its logical conclusion and an indigenous network built to ensure India’s National and Economic Security for generations to come. The terms are as follows:

‘i. The offered Core shall be Domestic. The Domestic Core is an Indian Core provided by an Indian company.

ii. The Indian Company should be incorporated, registered and headquartered in India, and should not be a subsidiary of another company headquartered out of India and it should have Global headquarters in India.

iii. The IPR or License/copyright for the Source Code of the software of Core elements shall be owned by the Indian Company. The Company must own or have unrestricted, irrevocable access and license to modify the Source Code and provide software support for all future versions of the software. However, acquisition of IPR or License/Copyright for the Source Code of software of the Core elements by an Indian Company from a foreign company or its Indian subsidiary will not qualify as “Domestic Core”.

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