22nd May 2024


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Underhand proposal to remove PMI Clause in BharatNet PPP proposal

July 8, 2021: Jeez, the amount of negative energy expended in fighting the entrenched lobbies in departments is draining to the extreme. It makes us wonder how India will move forward with all these negative forces dragging us backwards and preventing any focus on the future.

We have been forced to turn to PMO again as there is an appalling, underhand proposal to remove the PMI clause from the BharatNet proposal, even though it goes against the Government’s own orders mandating domestic procurement and warnings that any even partially funded project has to be sourced domestically. Prime Minister himself has called for self-reliance in the telecom sector.

Read our letter/ explanations here.

Hope the new Minister will bring a fresh change to DoT and MEITY where the bureaucrats have a wink-wink nod-nod relationship with FOEMs/ MNCs and be a genuine Patriot.

This proposal is so secret we were warned not to talk about it. Of course, any move to harm the national interest will be conducted through Chinese whispers, through backdoors, through the old-boys-and-girls network, stealth is the word of the game! Most of the nation including mass media do not even understand the implications of what is happening, so would not report this critical move undermining India’s very foundations even as multiple talk shows rant about non-issues…and this is what those working to hollow India out are banking on.

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